Traveling Through History Riding Shotgun with 6 Trailblazing Historians

stagecoach_dc3_american_airlines_airplaneWe handpicked six history-loving, trailblazing road aficionados for your sightseeing edification.

These fellow travelers have either grown up on the trails they are touting, or they have studied these trails for most of their lives. Or both! Now you will have the inside skinny on what to see, and where to look, on six historic loops that will help you experience everything to the fullest. So hit the gas, turn on the tunes and check out the best magical history tour in the entire West. We plum sure guarantee it.

Click below on all the different tours you’ve just got to see!


Tracking the Texas Rangers

Doc Holliday Slept Here

Cowboys & Cowtowns

Custer & Cody Country

Wild Bunch Territory

Gold Coast’s Badmen

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