What History Taught Me

Victoria Wilcox

Victoria-Wilcox,_Author_trilogy,_Southern-SonWhat most don’t know about Doc Holliday is that he didn’t go west for his health. Some report he left Georgia because of a wandering spirit, or, as Bat Masterson wrote in Human Life magazine, because of a quick trigger finger. If he were seeking a health resort, Georgia was full of them, and famous for a few.  So something else must have sent him west. Bat’s story seems most likely to me.

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Thomas Brent Smith

Thomas-Brent-SmithWhat most folks don’t know about Maynard Dixon is he spent most of his life and career in the metropolitan art center of San Francisco.

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David Turk

david-turk_us-Marshall-historianThe most interesting territorial deputy U.S. marshal is a tie between Bass Reeves and Bill Tilghman. Reeves went from slave to lawman, spending a long, 32-year career with the marshals. Tilghman, although truly exceptional in his duties, never attained the appointed rank of U.S. marshal due to the politics of the era.

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Dave Stamey

Dave-stamey_western-musicianThe problem with most people today is they are not connected in any real way with their geography. They don’t appreciate where they live; they don’t look up to see the mountains around them, or the plains, or desert.  They have been consumed by the great stripmalling of America.

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Candy Moulton

candy moultoWestern-Writer-Girls-Sherry-Monahan-Quackgrass-Sally-Deborah-Morgan-Candy-MoultonWhat nobody knows is that my executive director’s retreat is the homestead cabin my Belgian grandmother first lived in when coming to America. It is a place of family heritage that nurtures my interest in preserving stories of the West.

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Kelo Henderson

Kelo-Henderson_26-menHistory has taught me, via the war, that I am lucky to be alive, and freedom is not free.

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Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce BoxleitnerI just wrapped production on The Thanksgiving House for Hallmark. As many fans of True West already know, I’m also starring in the Western Comedy Smokewood, Nevada, as the cattleman Johnny Morgan.

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Robert G. McCubbin

bob mccubbinI started collecting because I liked to read and wanted to keep every book and not have to return it to a library. My first book collection was Hardy Boys.

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Lee Anderson

lee-anderson_equine-communicationThe secret to training a horse is absolute trust. Being a prey animal, horses, by nature, fear humans. We are predators and, without trust, a horse will always be “on edge.” They are big, powerful and quick, and more concerned with their welfare than yours.

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Christopher Price

christpher-price_battle-of-honey-springsThe largest Civil War engagement within Indian Territory was the battle at Honey Springs, an important stopping point on the Texas Road, a major route between Kansas and Texas. Indian men fought as members of national regiments (Union and Confederate),

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Tom Van Dyke

tom-van-dyke-western-writer-cave-creekHistory has taught me it’s never too late to ride a fresh horse. Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company when he was 40 years old.

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John Goodwin

john-goodwin-galaxy-press-president_ron-l-hubbardNobody knows that an average of 14,500 Boy Scouts used to earn the Reading Merit Badge every year for the first 100 years of Boy Scouts.  By 2011, it was under 5,900 and dropping. I’m working on a project to improve literacy by getting Boy Scouts to earn the Reading Merit Badge.

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Dick Baxter

western-history-dick-baxter-show-biz-managerI fell in love with the West when I first saw a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western at the Ritz Theatre in my hometown, Shelbyville, Indiana.

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Dean Smith

dean-smith-stuntman-john-wayneMy most memorable stunt was jumping over a horse, taking off the rider and slitting his throat.

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Dr. Buck Montgomery

dr-buck-western-film-producerThe secret to producing festivals is the “Disneyland Theory”—always offer something different for your guests to experience every year. Walt changed attractions; I change performers and shows to keep it fresh!

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Stephen Harrigan

steve-harrigan-writerMy favorite research memory is a tie between waking up in an igloo and being alone in the Alamo at night.

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John Wilder

ohn-wilder_film_westerns_rifleman_centennial-authorI fell in love with the West when I first heard the story of my maternal ancestors crossing the Oregon Trail in 1851 to settle the territory that would become Seattle, Washington.

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Casey Tefertiller

western-writer-Casey-TefertillerWish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what gun Wyatt Earp used in the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Corral.

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Larry Winget

larry-winget-personal-developmentMost people think you can happy your way to success or think your way to success or that having a positive attitude is all that it takes to be successful.  It’s a lie: it always takes work.

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Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan and son Kevin Hogan“If guns could talk” is a popular adage in our business. One that gets pretty close is the Colt Single Action “Couch” gun up for bid at our April 19-21 auction.

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Phil Collins

phil-collins-the-alamo-and-beyondTo me Fess Parker was the “Davy Crockett” who started this journey off for me. Full stop.

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