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Grandfather’s ranch roars back to life to share the history of expansion throughout southern California.


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The first time Pamela Seager visited the run-down Rancho los Alamitos, she noticed its potential. “There was an integrity,” she says. “It wasn’t tricked up. It had all the good bone structure, but it needed to be polished.”

She and her team have spent more than a quarter century polishing this gem that spans 1,500 years of California history.

Once a trading village of the Gabrielino-Tongva people and then a part of California’s largest Spanish land grant, the site was donated to Long Beach, where it served as a traditional museum for 15 years.

Seager and her board of trustees, however, weren’t interested in a museum with ropes across doorways and artifacts in glass cases. They wanted to bring this working ranch back to life.

She studied the site, which includes a circa 1800 adobe-core ranch house, five early 20th-century ranch barns and four acres of historic gardens.

This past June, she celebrated the grand opening of the historic barns and gardens, plus a new Rancho Center, which was filled with animals traditional to the ranch.

“A family member...

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