Trail Rider

Saddle Up for the Holidays

c-lazy-u-ranch_riding-holiday_darley-newmanJust because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to put away your riding boots.

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The Modern Tom Wilsons

barry-ferguson_banff-national-park_canadaI welcome travel in areas where no vehicles are allowed, because it means fewer of us and more of the “wild” out in the wilderness.

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Cowgirl 101 in Apache Country

Boosting your confidence at the Double E Ranch.

I rode a Mexican Mustang named Pancho through areas that would have felt downright claustrophobic during the days of Apache reign.

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The Sierra Packers

trail-rider_jedediah-smith_canadian-rockiesJedediah Smith made the first reported crossing of California’s unpredictable and treacherous Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Cooking on the Trail

Yes, it’s worth carrying a Dutch oven in your saddlebag.

Dutch oven cooking is perfect for trail rides; you can put dinner on to cook, go on your ride and return to a moist, flavorful meal, all ready to eat.

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Steeldusts on the Chisholm Trail

trail_rider_quarter-horse_chisholm-trail_steel-dustThe stories of cowboy life on the Chisholm Trail are often recounted; even John Wayne shared a slice of Chisholm cowboyin’ in 1948’s Red River.

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Equitrekking the American West

Filming on horseback in amazing, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

My Emmy Award-winning TV show Equitrekking is a visual testimony to the trail rides I cover for you here in True West.

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The Cadillac of Cattle Drives

powder-river-cattle-driveI have driven cattle in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and even in Uruguay and beyond, participating in everything from city slicker-type drives to authentic working ranch overland herds.

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Calgary's "Exotic" Stampede

The self-proclaimed “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” is truly dandy.

As I walked among the concession stands at Stampede Park, I was continually surprised by what I saw and smelled; fried Oreos, BBQ ribs, Tornado Potatoes, Weiner Schnitzel, Arizona fry bread and even bagels--yes, New York City-style bagels in Calgary, Alberta.

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Frontier Fort Favorite

darley-newman_arabian-horse-associationAfter receiving many e-mails from Equitrekking viewers who raved about their experiences riding at Fort Robinson, I had to find out why this Nebraska park is so popular.

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Rich Riding in Cooper Landing

Trailing Alaskan Klondike prospector Charles E. Chapman.

I feel rather adventurous while horse riding in the Cooper Landing area on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, but I have nothing on Charles E. Chapman, who set out to find gold here in 1898 and 1899.

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National Historic Trails Bucket List

pony-express_lewis-and-clark_juan-bautista-de-anzaGrowing up I heard the inspirational story of Lemuel Bolz, a 16-year-old relative who crossed four states on horseback in the late 19th century.

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Grape History on a Sunset Ride

Hitting the trail in California’s Wine Country at Sugarloaf Ridge park.

As I sauntered through an open meadow on Romer, a black-and-white Tennessee Walking horse, I thought about the first ranchers who lived in the fertile valleys of today’s Sugarloaf Ridge State Park in California’s Wine Country.

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Maui's Ranching Icons

Riding on the trails of the Baldwin family at Piiholo Ranch.

Sam Baldwin, who roamed this island of Hawaii in the early 20th century, wrote of a day-long ride to capture cattle that took him across 25 miles of more than 20,000 vertical feet.

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A Modern Stagecoach Adventure

Traveling a New Mexico trail in the Rolls Royce of horse-drawn vehicles.

How comfortable would the ride really be inside a Concord stagecoach?

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Making History on Horseback

Re-enacting Earp’s Vendetta Ride and other great historical events.

Steve Shaw makes history on horseback accessible.

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The Russian River's Redwoods

I can only imagine what the settlers of California’s Russian River must have thought as they stared up at the towering redwood trees.

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Riding Toward the Chuck

A winter horseback ride makes a chuckwagon breakfast even yummier.

Tanque Verde Ranch’s history of bandits and cattlemen, mixed with Apache warriors, Spanish explorers and gold prospectors, makes for interesting legends, but that’s not why I originally picked the ranch for a winter vacation.

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Horsey Adventures in Fort Worth

Billed as the oldest stock show in America, the Fort Worth Stock Show dates to 1896, when it was first held as a one-day event on the banks of Marine Creek.

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Ranch Riding on Hawaii's Big Island

Paniolo culture comes to life on horseback tours of the 1847 Parker Ranch and 1928 Kahua Ranch.

While riding at the 1847 Parker Ranch, the snow-capped Mauna Kea looks absolutely beautiful from afar; on those slopes, Hawaii’s original cowboys risked their lives to collect wild cattle.

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Homeplace Ranch

A trail ride through Canada’s prairie province of Alberta.

Where a family of seven once bunked together in 1912, three modern-day cowboys now sleep.

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