Almost a year-and-a-half ago I headed into the True West World Headquarters on my day off, a Sunday. It was a pretty, spring day, and since I planned on only being there for a short time, I left the back door open.

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The Toughest Man West of the Pecos

John-Chisum-Ranch-New-Mexico"Chisum! John Chisum! Weary. Saddle worn.”

Sorry. Every time I think of John Simpson Chisum, I think of the 1970 John Wayne movie Chisum, and Andrew J. Fenady’s theme song.

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Love Song to the Plains and the Desert West

RR_Great-Plains_Courtesy-Library-of-Congress_Oklahoma-PressEach year Western Writers of America (WWA) adds a distinguished writer to the Western Writers Hall of Fame (HOF).

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Trail of Tragedy

Sand-Creek-RR_Imdian-delegation-Sand-Creek-Massacre_colorado-history-centerI’ve waited until May to come back, figuring that a late fall or early winter trip would be too depressing. Besides, driving across rural southeastern Colorado in November can be deadly.

The last time I came here, in the late 1980s—years before Sand Creek was dedicated as a National Historic Site in 2007—tears streamed down my face as I looked over the plains where once an American flag flew over a peaceful village of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians.

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Gems Along the Continental Divide

RR_Cripple-Creek-Battle-Mountain-Mines-1900The backbone of the continent—the Continental Divide—is rocky  and rugged in places, and geologically diverse.

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Nevada’s Buckaroos, Bonanzas and Boomtowns

Valley-of-Fire-State-ParkI’m standing in Mesquite, Nevada, with Max McCoy, historian, teacher, journalist, novelist, traveler and writer who knows how to turn a phrase.

“This scenery,” he says, “makes me want to really [mess] someone up.”

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The Northern Plains to the Pacific Northwest

Mount-Ranier_olympia_WA_1916North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington mark their quasquicentennials—125 years since achieving statehood—this year and it is a good time to visit a few key places that represent their history. These are big states, with big histories so I’ve chosen just a few of the great places to visit in each of them. The truth is,  you could spend a week or more in any one of these states and barely scratch the surface.

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Hail, Columbia!

Columbia-Gorge-and-RiverAll across the Pacific Northwest are reminders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-06, although no tangible physical evidence remains. There are rivers, schools, universities, a wildlife refuge and other features named for the exploring party including the two captains.

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Kansas Cattle Towns, Then and Now

Cowboy-in-Newton-KansasThe only market that Texans can rely on at present for their stock is Bakster [sic] Springs, Kansas …” a Texas drover wrote from present-day Oklahoma back in 1867.

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