Galen Clark

Galen-Clark_in-mariposa-groveThanks to an unlikely visionary’s humble efforts to preserve California’s Yosemite Valley and nearby giant redwoods, new generations of adventurers continue to enjoy them as places of untouched beauty.

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Saving Luke Short’s Hotel

OWS_kathleen-holt_cimmaron-hotel-preservationistKathleen Holt would like to say that she skateboarded in front of the 1886 hotel, as she was growing up in Cimarron, Kansas, some 50 years ago, and dreamed of owning the precious place where, as she puts it, “cowboys went to get the heck out of Dodge.”

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Combating a Prairie Fire

Philippe-Regis-de-Trobriand-has-pulled-the-troopers-back.Frenchman Philippe Régis de Trobriand settled in New York City in the 1840s and served with the Union Army during the Civil War. The Army retained Brig. Gen. de Trobriand at the end of that conflict, and he went on to serve as a colonel in the Dakota Territory during the turbulent post-war years. A superb writer and excellent artist, he left behind journals that provide an exceptional vision of military life on the Northern Plains.

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Wild Bill’s Last Fight

classicgunfightsOctober 5, 1871

The summer cattle season is all but over, and Marshal Wild Bill Hickok has kept the peace in Abilene, Kansas—not an easy job. The last marshal, legendary Thomas J. Smith, was killed in the line of duty.

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Billy the Kid’s Legendary La Placita

Lincoln-New-Mexico-Billy-overlooking-townBy most accounts, the death of 24-year-old John Tunstall was little more than a cold-blooded assassination.

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State of the Union

iconsThey’re larger than life, these men and women of the Old West who are part of America’s history and its legacy.

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Hardy as Bears

hardy-as-bearsThe first white men in the Rocky Mountains were trappers who became known as Mountain Men, arriving decades before Lewis and Clark.

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The Saint of Stillwater Prison

saintThe closest the surviving Younger brothers ever got to heaven was a prison guard who may be declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

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Genuine Cowboys Captured Alive

cowboy-photosThe cowboy is the most popular American folk hero, readily recognized all around the world.

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True Westerners

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Win Blevins

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A Boomer Sooner Goes South

A Boomer Sooner Goes South

A celebration broke out when Oklahoma Territory became an official entity 125 ye...

Cement Cowboy Nearly Dies

Cement Cowboy Nearly Dies

On the Ashes of My Campfire, This City is Built.”

That inscription has graced a 2,...

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