Plains Indian Shirt Sets New World Record

collecting-west_chief-black-birds-shirt“I felt like crying, for the sacred hoop was broken and scattered.

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Nocturnes Hit Million-Dollar Marks

ollecting_thomas-moranThe moonlit views the artist saw from his skiff as he paddled near his retreat, Inglenook Island, inspired Frederic Remington’s first nighttime paintings.

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Buckskin Bessie Treasures

buckskin-bessie“Spose Ma will think I am crazy but this is a circus anyone need not be ashamed of.

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The Bronco Busters

charlie-russell“I never got to be a bronk rider but in my youthfull days wanted to be, and while that want lasted I had a fine chance to study hoss enatimy from under and over,” Charles M. Russell wrote to fellow cowboy artist Will James on May 12, 1920.

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Wild Horses Run to the Top

A record-setting auction for an oil painting by cowboy artist Will James.

“His soul has gone to roam the range of the eternal, while his art lingers to lead those who love the West toward forgetfulness."

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"Your book is fascinating, coupling your powerful illustrations [and] tracking...from birth to Tombstone to the legend [Wyatt] had become;...even Wyatt would approve." --By Hugh O'Brian, of the TV series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

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