Living the Dream

What is the legend of El Tiradito?

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“I knew Wyatt Earp...I was an assistant prop boy then...and he told me about the fight at the O.K. Corral.”

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The Bitter Truth

Homemade-Horseradish-Kills-horsesI get hoarse after eating strong horseradish, but Henry Scammell felt otherwise. “Horseradish will afford instantaneous relief in most obstinate cases of hoarseness.

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Gold Dust and the Hangman's Noose

haney_nevadacityfamily_001_600x400pxUntil there is a time machine invented somewhere other than a Hollywood studio, history will be limited to memories of the dead and books of the living. There are, however, places where history lurks just beneath the surface of the modern world. Two such places are the Southwest Montana twin ghost towns of Virginia City and Nevada City.

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A Smatter of Smearcase

"I sometimes buy ‘cottage cheese’ of our milkman. My grandmother called it ‘smear-case.’ I spell it just as she pronounced it.

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Sitting Duck

Scotch Barley Broth

In just one short year, the Brown Palace had become one of the leading hotels in the frontier West.

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Every Dog Has its Day

Coconut-Cake-recipeMark Twain’s critical view of the exotic coconut tree, which he described as a “feather-duster struck by lightning,” didn’t keep American pioneers from appreciating the fruit it bore.

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Milkshake Mix-Up

Strawberry-milk-shake_shaken-up-flavored-milkThe milkshake as we know it today, an ice cream drink, was created between 1911 and 1922, spun into a wholesome and delicious form by newly invented electric hand mixers and blenders.

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The Bacon Cure

Pioneer-bacon-sandwich_jesse-jamesOn his way from Illinois to California in 1852, William Henry Hart wrote, “The bacon too that I had  always disliked even the sight of, became very good eating proving that nothing makes us relish our food as much as a good appetite.”

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True Westerners

ELizabeth Fenn

ELizabeth Fenn

If I had been a member of the Corps of Discovery, I would have brought my own via...

Video Villa!

Video Villa!

Mexican Revolution leader Pancho Villa knew the value of good publicity. Mutual F...

Studying Villa’s Raid

Studying Villa’s Raid

March 9, 1916, started out bad for the 13th Cavalry at Camp Furlong. Ignoring th...

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