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Clint The Icon of a Generation

bob_boze_bell_painting_clint_eastwood_cool_actor_iconClint Eastwood is a mystery. He’s been a cowboy, a cop, a National Geographic photojournalist, a clown, a honky-tonk singer, a jazz DJ and a moonlighting hit man who doubled as an art professor. But these are roles.

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Call of the Canyon

author-zane-grey-call-canyon_authntic-settings-filmed-arizonaIn 1906, novelist Zane Grey visited the Arizona Territory for the first time.

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The Cowboy from Quebec

westerns_glen-ford“In all the top 10 lists of great cowboy actors, he’s never there, and it drives me crazy,” says Peter Ford of his father, Glenn.

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Butch is Back!

blackhorn_movie_salt_flats_western_mateo-gil_butch-cassidyWe’ve seen them ride off into the sunset at the end of the story, but what happens when the heroes and outlaws, the men of myth and grand adventure, come back late in life to climb back up on the horse for one last ride?

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The Civil War on the Silver Screen

westerns_john-wayne_rio-loboFor fans of Western movies, the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War kicked off a few months early, when True Grit opened at theaters last December.

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The Tombstone that Might Have Been

tombstone_charlton-heston_henry-hooker_kevin-jarre_wyatt-earp_doc-holidayLong before the 1993 movie Tombstone was produced, the screenplay by Kevin Jarre had gotten the attention of a great many people.

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Home on the Rango

rango_mariachiSince the movie Rango opened nationally in March, the critics have struggled to get a fix on it.

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Tributes to Kevin Jarre (1954-2011)

tombstone_tracker_glory_devils-own_kevin-jarre_wyatt-earp_doc-hollidayKevin Jarre was capable of greatness.

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The Legacy of C.B. Irwin and the Y-6 Ranch

westerns_irwin-bros-wild-west-showEven though the dollar is not what it used to be, a few bargains can still be had.

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Roy Rogers Turns 100

roy-rogers_lone-pine-film-festival_ulitmate-collection_days-of-jesse-jamesRoy Rogers would have turned 100 on November 5, 2011.

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True Masterpiece


True Grit is an American masterpiece. The success of the film by Joel and Ethan Coen has surprised pundits and led, yet again, to predictions of the return of the Western.

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Confronting the Fiddle Player: Did Rex Rideout Make it Out of Cowboys & Aliens Alive?

westerns_rex-rideout_cowboys-aliens_fiddleRex Rideout is a multi-instrumentalist who travels the West with groups of varying sizes, playing historical music from the 19th century.

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Clint?

Clint Walker is still a mighty man, yet his kind nature can betray his vigor.

Clint Walker never really made sense; he was six feet, six inches tall and made average men look and feel like Mickey Rooney standing next to him.

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The Legend of Hell’s Gate

How often can you find Doc Holliday, Quanah Parker and John Wilkes Booth in the same story?

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Robert Conrad Dares Ya

And God heals him ... an interview with The Wild Wild West secret agent. 

Robert Conrad is tough.

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The “Heart” of Cowboys & Aliens

aliens-cowboys_harrison-ford_daniel-craigMars needs cowgirls.

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Old and New Kids of True Grit


The Western changed in 1969, and that evolutionary shift can be credited to three movies, each unique, each as good as the other two and each one a little subversive, using the past as a way to move into the future.

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A Screaming Session at Cowboys & Aliens

screaming-session_cowboys-aliens_wihelm-scream-sheb-wooleyI was in Taos, New Mexico, in May 2010 lecturing on Davy Crockett when executive producer Denis Stewart tracked me down.

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Grand Theft Stagecoach

The Western is reborn with the hit video game Red Dead Redemption.

Since Red Dead Redemption was released in May 2010, many gamers have taken to calling the video game “Grand Theft Stagecoach,” a play on the name of one of the top-selling video games of all time, Grand Theft Auto.

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Cowboys and Monsters

cowboys-monsters_near-dark_lance-henriksenDecades before Cowboys & Aliens moviegoers watched Billy the Kid vs. Dracula and Haunted Gold, before they saw Daniel Craig take on the Martians, cowboys have fought dinosaurs, ghosts, demons, vampires and even Frankenstein’s daughter.

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What the Cowboy Life Taught Raoul Walsh

And how his work in a Pancho Villa docufilm kicked off an amazing directorial career.

Note to aspiring filmmakers: If you're looking for a film school, give Raoul Walsh's curriculum a try. It's called Life.

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