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The Big Kiss Off

movie-postesrs-my-darling-clemetine-herny-fondaJohn Ford’s 1946 classic film, My Darling Clementine, the story of Wyatt Earp and the O.K. Corral gunfight, is anything but a forgotten film classic—

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A.K.A. John Ford

barry-fitzgerald-the quiet-man-john-wayne-john-fordSean Martin Feeney arrived in Los Angeles from Portland, Maine, in 1914 at the age of 19.

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rex_rideout_cowboys_alien_musician_fiddler_music_historianMaking his movie debut as the cowboy fiddler in last year’s Cowboys & Aliens, Rex Rideout is a 19th-century music historian who can often be found performing with Mark Gardner.

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Marfa, Texas

mafia-texas-giant-movie-location-james-deanCalled one of the last American frontiers, Marfa got its start as an 1883 water stop for the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway. This semiarid region features dry steambeds and a mountain terrain made up of the Davis, Chisos and Chinati ranges.

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The Lone Rango

movies_tvs_documentaries_independent_westerns_rangoOne film that touched everyone—from the kiddies to us grizzled veterans—was 2011’s Rango.

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Tom Mix: The First Western Superstar

Tom Mix began his career with the 101 Ranch Wild West Show.

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Clint The Icon of a Generation

bob_boze_bell_painting_clint_eastwood_cool_actor_iconClint Eastwood is a mystery. He’s been a cowboy, a cop, a National Geographic photojournalist, a clown, a honky-tonk singer, a jazz DJ and a moonlighting hit man who doubled as an art professor. But these are roles.

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Wyatt Earp’s First Film

wyatt-earp-western-cinemaIt was quite natural for Wyatt Earp to gravitate to Gower Gulch, the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street in Hollywood, where unemployed Southwestern cowboys gathered daily in search of work in the new moving picture industry. Many old pals from his Arizona, Nevada and Alaska days were there. They would swap tales, warmly recalling the dead past as old men so often do.

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Call of the Canyon

author-zane-grey-call-canyon_authntic-settings-filmed-arizonaIn 1906, novelist Zane Grey visited the Arizona Territory for the first time.

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Wyatt On the Set!

wyatt_earp_hollywood_westernsHis story, said Bat Masterson, was the story of the West. For years Wyatt Earp was reluctant to tell it.  But as some began to resurrect his mythical past, Earp saw his name tarnished and his life exploited. In his old age, he wanted to bring his story to the screen—he knew the biggest names in movies, stars like William S. Hart, Tom Mix and Harry Carey, and America’s greatest writer, Jack London. His story would come to dominate Western movies, but things didn’t quite work out as he hoped..

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Butch is Back!

blackhorn_movie_salt_flats_western_mateo-gil_butch-cassidyWe’ve seen them ride off into the sunset at the end of the story, but what happens when the heroes and outlaws, the men of myth and grand adventure, come back late in life to climb back up on the horse for one last ride?

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Six Forgotten Film Classics

western-movies_ben-johnson_fort-difiance_oklahomaJosh Becker has watched 4,720 movies.

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The Tombstone that Might Have Been

tombstone_charlton-heston_henry-hooker_kevin-jarre_wyatt-earp_doc-holidayLong before the 1993 movie Tombstone was produced, the screenplay by Kevin Jarre had gotten the attention of a great many people.

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Train Keeps A’Rollin’

westerns_tv_hell_on_wheels_amc_lily_bell_transcontinental_railroadWhen Joe and Tony Gayton, the brothers responsible for creating Hell on Wheels, pitched their series to cable station AMC, a Western wasn’t necessarily the first thing they had in mind.

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Tributes to Kevin Jarre (1954-2011)

tombstone_tracker_glory_devils-own_kevin-jarre_wyatt-earp_doc-hollidayKevin Jarre was capable of greatness.

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mary_doria_russell_author_doc_hbo_tv_bookAuthor of Doc, which Ron Howard will be filming for HBO.

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Roy Rogers Turns 100

roy-rogers_lone-pine-film-festival_ulitmate-collection_days-of-jesse-jamesRoy Rogers would have turned 100 on November 5, 2011.

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Luke Perry on Eastwood

luke_perry_clint_eastwood_tv_western_goodnight_for_justice_hallmark_outlaw_josey_walesLuke Perry has become a major star in a series of TV Westerns that feature Perry as John Goodnight, a 19th-century circuit judge.

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Confronting the Fiddle Player: Did Rex Rideout Make it Out of Cowboys & Aliens Alive?

westerns_rex-rideout_cowboys-aliens_fiddleRex Rideout is a multi-instrumentalist who travels the West with groups of varying sizes, playing historical music from the 19th century.

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Why Did Cowboys & Aliens Fail… Or did it?

harrison_ford_daniel_craig_cowboys_and_aliens_western_movieThe 2011 summer blockbuster film turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments, if you listen to Hollywood.

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The Legend of Hell’s Gate

How often can you find Doc Holliday, Quanah Parker and John Wilkes Booth in the same story?

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