Rough Drafts

Rough Drafts 2/15

Winter is a wonderful time to plan a trip to the West—and take along a reading list to match:

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Rough Drafts 12/14

Stuart-Rosebrook_rough-draftsA flurry of top-notch beautiful Western art and photography books published this fall are perfect for the gift-giving holiday season. I recommend these for that special person in your life (maybe you) who loves the West:

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Rough Drafts 2/14

From the previews of Western fiction and nonfiction I am receiving, 2014 promises to be a big year for all of us. Fans of Western books should attend the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books, March 15-16. True West will have a booth right next door to the Western Writers of America and we hope if you attend, you’ll stop by and say hello. We’d love to meet you.

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Rough Drafts 11/14

“Where does the West begin or end?”

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Rough Drafts 1/14

Western Books Roundup 2013: Ten that Got Away

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Rough Drafts 10/14

As summer turns to fall, my memories of the annual June gathering of Western Writers of America inspire me every day. A highlight of the conference was during the Spur Awards banquet when Executive Director Candy Moulton and emcee Cherokee-American actor Clu Gulager remembered their mutual friend, the late Cherokee author Robert Conley,

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Rough Drafts 12/13

I love bookstores. During college, I worked for Dutton’s Books in North Hollywood, California.

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Rough Drafts 9/14

Looking for love? A romantic at heart? How about an Old West Romance!?

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Rough Drafts 11/13

The sesquicentennial of the Civil War has produced numerous new volumes on the bloody conflict, but recent publications on the effects of the war in the West are hard to find. My hope is that we will see more in the next two years.

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Rough Drafts 8/14

The summer is heating up and publishers are beginning to release news on their fall catalogs.

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Rough Drafts 10/13

Almost all of True West’s readers polled say they are fanatics of historical Western nonfiction and Investigating History, and that they keep reading us every month because of our coverage of Western icons such as Wyatt Earp.

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Rough Drafts 7/14

During the recent Arizona History Convention in Prescott, Arizona, a group of us were treated to keynote speaker Paul Andrew Hutton (who is on deadline to complete his magnum opus, Lords of Apacheria) and Tom Horn biographer, Larry D. Ball, discussing the Apache Wars, Al Sieber and Tom Horn.

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Rough Drafts 9/13

Readers will enjoy author Max Evans’s insightful views of life, nature and writing the tragic comedy in Building Your Western Library. As the new Western Books editor, I plan to share with you my love of good writing and books in Bunkhouse Books and timely book news from the modern Grapevine Telegraph.

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Rough Drafts 6/14

For the second year, True West staff presence at the Tucson Festival of Books was a great success.

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Rough Drafts 8/13

Searching for the West, real and imagined, is a theme of our authors and contributors this month. One of the best ways to experience the West is through the observations of today’s generation of chroniclers.

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Rough Drafts 5/14

The sound and the fury: Quentin Tarantino threw a fit and filed suit when his script The Hateful Eight was leaked on the Internet. Too bad. He is one of the few filmmakers creating Westerns like his muses Budd Boetticher, Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah.

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Rough Drafts 6/13

Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana revealed exciting news at our True Westerner celebration honoring them, on March 9, during Arizona’s Tucson Festival of Books. The party afforded them the opportunity to meet Michael Wallis, whose book, David Crockett: The Lion of the West, they both love. They love it so much, in fact, they announced they might make it into a script!

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Rough Drafts 4/14

In True West’s annual “Best of the West” January 2014 issue, I highlighted the best authors and books of 2013. A new category I’d like to introduce in 2014 is the best in independent/self-publishing, a growing and important option for many Western writers of numerous genres of local history, fiction and family history. Here are three titles published late last year that I recommend:

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Rough Drafts 5/13

Word has reached us that Oklahoma’s National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will bestow its prestigious Western Heritage Award for nonfiction book on the 2012 blockbuster Geronimo (Yale University Press) by Robert M. Utley.

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Rough Drafts 3/14

My best Western combo for this winter: Glendon Swarthout’s The Homesman, a novel re-released on Valentine’s Day by Simon & Schuster and an upcoming movie adapted by its star and director, Tommy Lee Jones.

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Rough Drafts 3/13

It’s hard to believe he’s been gone for a quarter of a century, but this year marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of novelist Louis L’Amour.

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