Honky-Tonk Days In Arizona


Gone are the “bulls  messing with the heifers” at Sarg’s Cow Town, Abel Hall, the Matador, Chester’s, Riverside Park Ballroom, JD’s and Mr. Lucky’s.

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Boots, Buckles & Spurs

Sony BMG Legacy; $40.98

All cowboys have boots and spurs, but buckles says rodeo, and that’s what this musical collection is about. The set honors 50 years of the National Finals Rodeo, and it is produced in conjunction with the PRCA.

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Buried Treasures

Westerns_movies_vintage-movie-posters_1950s_lone-rangerDuring the 1960s, when Philadelphia’s channel 48 ran Satan’s Satellites, I had no idea I was munching popcorn through a serial (Zombies of the Stratosphere) re-cut into a feature.  I was jumping out of my pj’s because it was action-filled Sci-Fi, starring a jet-propelled hero, but I had never seen a chapter play. Featuring more fights and stunts than I had seen in a dozen programs, the story flew as fast as Rocket Man did, but something made it different.

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TV Westerns: March/April 2008

For some time now, Westerns fans have been promised a vast number of new films being produced directly for television, by AMC, Hallmark and RHI Entertainment, in collaboration with the ION (formerly PAX) cable channel. We’ll be seeing three of these new movies in March and April 2008.

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Old Tucson’s 75th

westerns_arizoan_jean-arthur_willian-holdenThe year 1938 was an off year for Westerns. Cecil B. DeMille hadn’t traveled West since making The Plainsman in 1936, while Stagecoach and Jesse James were still a year away. Major studio heads thought Westerns were strictly bread and butter for “B” outfits grinding out six-day features and serials.

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Cassidy Gang Captured Again

wild-bunch-shooting-from-the-hipButch Cassidy’s well-known “Fort Worth Five” photograph, which led to the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang’s eventual breakup, was recaptured for the History Channel’s “Outlaws” episode of its recently aired Wild West Tech series.

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Talking Dutch

western-yuma-tall-t-john-ford-paul-newmanI had shaken Elmore Leonard’s hand three times, twice at book signings and once on a movie set, years before I wrote him a letter in 2008 and asked if he would be a part of a book I was putting together for McFarland called The Westerners: Interviews with Actors, Directors, Writers and Producers.

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A True Giant

May15-WesternsTrue giants don’t need to declare themselves, they just are, and William Blinn, the quiet man from Ohio, is a true giant. Blinn has a talent for telling unusual stories, with a deep emotional center, which propelled him to the “top of the mountain” when he became a staff writer on Bonanza.

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The Best Western Movies, TV Series & DVDs of 2014

best-of-the-west-movies-dvds-tv-2014The Lone Ranger:
Masked Eye of the Storm

Hollywood loves trumpeting its failures as much as its successes: 1963’s Cleopatra, 1980’s Heaven’s Gate and 2012’s John Carter were all written about as their production costs soared, long before the branding they received from critics and the box office.

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